The Story of Build 002



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Tickford Owners Club 20th Anniversary
Sunday 23rd July 2017
And co-incidentally the 35th anniversary of the Tickford Capri's creation!
Dave Wood, who was Tickford's Special Vehicles Manager and Shaun Skinner,
Chairman of the Tickford Owners Club worked extremely hard to
host a stunning get-together of Tickford owners and people
associated with the marque.
Twelve Tickford Capris made the journey from as far afield as Ireland
and the four corners of the UK.
 Steve Saxty travelled all the way from New York to be the guest of honour!
Several of us arrived on Saturday evening to stay overnight before the main
event on Sunday - a tour around the Power Torque factory where
Dave Wood and Dave Wilcox now work, followed by a convoy
back to the Weston Hall hotel for a photoshoot and buffet.
The Club will be publishing a full report on the event, but in the meantime here
 is a collection of (mainly) my own photos from the weekend, with thanks
  to Shaun Skinner, Steve Saxty, Claire Delacy Norenberg (Build 004),
and Russell Arundell (Build 100) for providing a few extras.

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The chance for 002 to meet old friends and make new ones!
A full car park at Power Torque The Black Tickfords
Build 002 was the oldest Tickford Capri in attendance and was built Build 004 travelled all the way from Northumberland and
at Aston Martin Blakelands rather than the Tickford factory was the other Blakelands-built car in attendance
Red and White Tickfords Green and Flaxen Mist Tickfords
Came all the way from Kildare in Ireland! A Cosworth RS500 joined the party
Build 100 in Silver Inside Power Torque's Factory
The company's Dax kit car used for engine testing Finished engines waiting to leave
Dyno-testing a marine engine The workshop for bespoke engine parts
The convoy ready to leave Who cares about yellow lines on a day like this!
On the way back to the hotel
Tickford Capris as far as the eye can see!
Weston Hall Hotel 12 Tickfords in line
Even the rear ends look good These two last spent time together in 1991
In the hotel's conference suite For an excellent buffet lunch
  Dave Wilcox (L) and Dave Wood (R)
Dave Wood (L) and Steve Saxty (R)  
The only Heritage Green Tickford ever built With its unique interior
The only automatic Tickford ever built With its immaculate engine bay
The only Flaxen Mist Tickford ever sold With the later Black Ash interior
It was great to see the Flaxen Mist car, in the flesh as it were,
for the first time and even better to learn that it is
going to be restored.


Thursday 31st August 2017
MOT time again.....and this time 002 had actually driven several
hundred miles since the last one!
Needn't have worried as he sailed through again without
a single advisory.......thanks JH Norman & Sons!


Haynes Motor Museum Rare Breeds 100 Show
Sunday 3rd September 2017
Well it rained all day, but that didn't spoil a thing!
Tickford Owners Club Chairman, Shaun Skinner and his wife, Karen
joined us for the day with their Ford Racing Puma and later in
the afternoon Richard Nener came along to see us.

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A very wet Build 002 But at least the polish was shown to good effect!
Shaun and Karen With their Ford Racing Puma
Only one Capri in the Haynes Museum But it's information included reference to the Tickford Capri!
I know almost everyone hates Aston Martin Lagondas But I've always wanted one!


Totally unexpectedly at the end of the show, Build 002 goes and wins "Best in Class".


Adrian receiving his award from the museum founder, John Haynes
Really didn't see that coming!



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