The Alternative Tickford Capri


A Tickford engine turned up in an otherwise standard Capri during a
motoring event held at Landgraff in Holland.


The car has a Belgian registration and none of the Tickford bodywork
The Tickford engine, but with a number of differences:
There is a standard Ford VIN plate on the front valance, so it was never an original Tickford
The standard Ford Capri DuraSpark ignition management is fixed on the nearside inner
front wing with a MicroDynamics EMS3 black box on the offside wing
The main charge air pipe has been fabricated differently to the usual Tickford one
There is no 7th injector or air temperature sender running into the main charge air pipe
Dump valve fitted to main charge air pipe
Boost pressure sensor and over-boost protection switch on side of plenum chamber
Fuel filter is mounted on the wrong side of the engine bay and the exhausts
are missing all their fibre heat shields
Crankcase breather system is different
Intercooler, radiator and fan are completely different
Roller bearing top mounts on front suspension


Having said all that, the car certainly goes!
Click on the thumbnail below to watch this Capri seriously

embarrass a Cosworth-powered Cobra replica:



Turns out that the owner is Peter Theunissen from Belgium who is a
member of the Tickford Capri group on Facebook.
Looks like he really knows his stuff and Peter has made numerous
improvements to the car since the photos above were taken.


X-Pack body kit and "Turbo" decals make the car resemble an RS 2800 Turbo
Cleverly-designed heat shield for the turbo where regular Tickford Capris have a heat shield
attached to the insulation felt under the actual bonnet lid
Also has a hefty brace for the front strut tops
Note the massive Aluminium radiator and charge air pipe coming through the inner wing
Well that's a different place to fit the intercooler!
There appear to be gauges for everything and what looks like a boost control
knob in the centre console


The factory diagram scanned below shows the wiring for the combination of Ford DuraSpark
electronic ignition with the MicroDynamics EMS3 Turbo Control System.
This was trialled by Tickford prior to adopting the AFT system.
Many thanks to Chris Richards from the Tickford Capri Facebook Group
for providing this diagram
This early photo of Peter's engine bay shows two sensors mounted on the side of the
plenum chamber - these are the boost pressure sensor and over-boost
protection switch shown in the factory diagram


At one point, Chris Richards owned a spare engine from the original Tickford Capri
prototype car, which he bought from the Bedworth factory when it closed.


Ultra-rare photographs of the spare prototype engine, taken by Chris Richards


It is this exact same engine that now sits in Peter's
Alternative Tickford Capri!


The prototype engine being installed in Peter Theunissen's car


I am hoping to be able to visit and interview Peter at some point in the future for
the Tickford Owners Club, as his conversion is certainly very interesting
as an "Alternative Tickford Capri".



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