There is no such thing as a Tickford Capri

....................or is there?


Now what's with the badge on the side of the cars - I thought Ford made the Capri
and Tickford must be something to do with Ford surely?
So what on Earth are they doing sticking Aston Martin wings on it?
Sometimes, the wing badges look different and there is a big "T" in the middle!
They are usually referred to as being a Tickford Capri or an Aston Martin Tickford Capri,

but some have a Ford badge on the front grille!



  Well let's start with a quick history lesson....................
  1820 Salmon & Son begin a horse drawn carriage building business at Tickford Street, Newport Pagnall
  1900 Production of car bodies begins
  1925 Special single-lever convertible hood design becomes known in the trade as the "Tickford hood"
  1942  Business becomes Tickford Ltd and one of its biggest customers is Aston Martin
  1955 David Brown buys Tickford Ltd and moves his Aston Martin production to Newport Pagnall
  Late 1950s Tickford name allowed to disappear until resurrected by Aston Martin in 1981
  1981 Tickford HQ moved to Blakelands, Milton Keynes and engineering works are set-up at Bedworth
  Late 1981 Initial agreement between Ford and Tickford to produce the Tickford Capri
  Oct 1982 Display of the white prototype car FMJ624Y at the NEC Motorshow
  Mid 1983 Ford pull out of the deal and Tickford decide to "go it alone"
  Oct 1983 Further appearance of FMJ624Y at the Earls Court Motorshow,  together with Build 001
  Nov 1983 Production of the Tickford Capri commences - first few cars are built at Blakelands,
    then the operation moves to Bedworth in December 1983
  1984 Ford stop promoting the Tickford Capri
  1985 Aston Martin relinquish their share of Tickford, giving full ownership to C H Industrials PLC
  1987 Tickford Capri production ends
  1990  C H Industrials PLC collapses and directors of Tickford execute a buy-out
  1997 Bedworth production facility closes - Tickford HQ remains at Blakelands


Early Capris had the Aston Martin wings as Tickford Later models had to have the revised "Tickford" wings
 was still owned by Aston Martin at the time as they were no longer part of Aston Martin


  Business card given to me in 1989  
  which has the later "Tickford" wings  
  Although the wings had changed, Tickford  
  were given permission to continue using  
  Aston Martin in the name for a while  


Because the Tickford Turbos were initially supposed to be marketed by Ford, they were
supplied with a standard oval FORD badge on the front grille and the rectangular
TICKFORD badges (shown above) on the front wings and tailgate.
Just to illustrate how much care and attention went into the build of a Tickford
Capri - the Ford badge wasn't simply stuck on the blank grille, it was
flush-fitted into an indentation in the fibreglass moulding.


The recently-restored Build 001 has the correct front badges for an early Tickford Capri
i.e. oval Ford badge on the front grille and rectangular Tickford badges on the front wings


At the rear of the car, another rectangular Tickford badge was normally placed
on the offside of the tailgate and the words "Tickford Capri" stuck

on the nearside of the tailgate in a Bookman Old Style font.


The original lettering on Build 002, but he didn't have the Tickford badge on the back - I don't know why
(photographed by the second owner in 1985)
In close-up - this font is called Bookman Old Style


During 1984, Ford stopped promoting the car and Tickford were landed
with marketing it themselves.
They started sticking a Tickford wing emblem on the front instead of the Ford badge
and added their name to the lower front spoiler in Script font.


The immaculate Build 031 belonging to Brian Hollins shows the later standard front badging


The words "Tickford Turbo" were added to the tailgate in the same Script font.


The later standard tailgate wording and rectangular badge


Tickford Capri        Tickford Turbo

Tickford Capri      Tickford      Tickford Turbo


In reality, apart from the fact that early cars should have the Bookman Old Style font
and later cars, a Script font, there is little consistency.
Especially in the early days, the factory seemed to stick on whatever it felt like,
plus some owners placed special requests and many cars have been
re-sprayed since with different transfers applied afterwards.
Doesn't really matter unless you are entering a concourse show!


Bookman Old Style "Tickford" Bookman Old Style "Tickford Turbo"
on a mid-production car on a later car
Bookman Old Style "Tickford Capri" Script "Tickford Turbo" on the tailgate
on an early car of an early car this time
The "Tickford Turbo" in Script from "Tickford" in Bookman Old Style
the rear of a later car, copied on its  stuck on the lower front spoiler
front spoiler instead of just the of an early car where normally
word "Tickford" there would be nothing
Then.......just when you think you have seen all Having got my head around that,
the combinations that are out there, someone then somebody else does one
sticks "Tickford Turbo" on their front spoiler as a mirror image!
in a different thinner style of Bookman  
font over two lines!  
Spot the mistake - I really should practice what I preach!
Build 002 is a very early car, but the previous owner added the later "Tickford Turbo" after some
bodywork so I needed to get some Bookman Old Style transfers made!
New decals being applied by John Burton Signwriting in Yeovil
That's better....or at least it's historically correct now!


Now you could argue that the first Tickford Capris are technically Aston Martins.
The early Tickford badges even have the Aston Martin wings incorporated into them.
Several owners of early cars (me included) have chosen to get rid of the oval indentation

in the front grille and have a proper pair of Aston Martin wings fitted

in place of the blue Ford badge.


Looks much nicer in my opinion!


The Tickford Capri is a Type Approved vehicle in its own right, with a brass Aston Martin Tickford
VIN plate under the bonnet showing the NTA number 12101T.

My own car, Build 002 is registered with the DVLA as a make of Tickford rather than Ford.


Tickford Capris have the Aston Martin Tickford VIN plate Extract from 002's V5 Certificate
riveted to the front valance under the bonnet showing the make as Tickford


I assumed this was true for all the Tickfords, but a conversation with the Chairman of the
Tickford Owners Club has revealed a rather curious and confusing state of affairs.


  FMJ624Y Original white prototype and 1982 Motorshow car Make: Unknown Model: Unknown  
  FMJ625Y Second red prototype Make: Ford Model: Capri Injection  
  Build 001 Built for the 1983 Motorshow, prior to Type Approval being granted Make: Tickford Model: Capri  
  Build 002 - 018 Built late-1983 through to early-1984, after Type Approval granted Make: Tickford Model: Capri  
  Build 019 onwards Built from mid-1984 Make: Ford Model: Tickford Capri  


As the Chairman correctly pointed out to me, the cars were always Fords by MAKE
and Type Approval should have only related to the MODEL
i.e. Tickford Capri rather than Capri Injection.
Our conclusion is that the registration of the earlier builds as a MAKE of Tickford must
have been an administrative error at Blakelands HQ.........and quite a large one!


If you examine the V55 for my own car Build 002, it was completed by Taw Garages
 (who were the local Ford dealer) on 17th November 1983.
However the V55 had been forwarded to them from Tickford's HQ and the details relating
to MAKE, MODEL and the Type Approval number had already been typed-in.



The V55 for Build 002


After production had moved completely to Bedworth, then someone in the office
there started to get it right and keep them as Fords.
If you study the table of registrations above, Build 001 throws a spanner in
the works, as it was built prior to type approval being granted,
but its V5 currently states Tickford Capri.
 I believe there is a simple answer - Build 001 had to be re-registered with DVLA after
 its extensive restoration - possibly someone at DVLA looked-up how the cars were
 registered back in the early days of production and just went with that.


So officially, there is no such animal as a Tickford Capri or even an Aston Martin Tickford Capri!
It is a Ford Tickford Capri!
But a few owners have V5 Registration Documents that say different!
No wonder insurers get so confused when we ring for a quote!


All the other Capri turbo conversions such as Turbo Technics and Janspeed
are just that - conversions - and still registered as a MAKE of Ford
and MODEL called a Capri Injection.



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