Brian has sourced a direct replacement for the
Tickford Capri alternator.
It is manufactured by Delco Remy and is available from
a number of reputable sources.
The part number is: DRA0560



The Tickford Capri uses a pair of 10mm wide fan belts that drive the
water pump and alternator - standard 2.8i Capri items.
Brian recommends a slightly shorter version than standard which,
although a little harder to fit, means that the alternator
sits a bit further away from the exhaust manifold
and this helps to protect it from the heat.
The correct Quinton Hazell part number is: QBA987
Gates also manufacture a suitable belt and
their part number is: 6267MC
Don't forget to order two!


The auxiliary drive belt (or power steering belt) on a Tickford
Capri is shorter than a standard 2.8i Capri.
The standard 2.8i Capri one is 13mm x 1275mm
In this photo of a standard 2.8i engine, the auxiliary drive belt
has to go around an extra tensioning pulley - our Tickford
Capris don't have this as it's where the mounting plate
for the turbo is bolted
The correct Tickford one is 13mm x 908mm
The genuine Motorcraft belt part number is: 85TF-6C301-F2A
Don't forget to order one!