The clutch cable is routed extremely close the the offside exhaust manifold.
The fibre heat shields on the offside manifold were really designed to keep heat
off the alternator and so Tickford ran the clutch cable through
an aluminised sleeve.
Just like the heat shields, you can almost guarantee that this sleeve
will be well beyond its "use by" date!


Perilously close and well-worn!
Also note the damage to the offside fibre heat shields!
There is another issue shown in this photo.....can you spot it?
Answer is at the bottom of the page **


Adrian recommends a two-pronged attack using a Silicone fire sleeve
inside an alloy-backed glass cloth thermal sleeve.


The two different sleeves Ready to slide onto the clutch cable


The best size sleeves to use are:
Silicone Fire Sleeve 25mm I/D
Thermal Sleeve 30mm I/D


The sleeves can be ordered from Merlin Motorsport
who are based at Castle Combe:



And best of don't need to completely remove the clutch cable to do the job
 unless the plastic on the actual clutch cable has melted.
Just undo the cable at the bell-housing end as this is the narrower end
 of the cable and the new sleeve assembly just slides on.
Before you disconnect the cable, take a measurement so you can re-install it
with the adjusting nuts in roughly the right place to start with.
It's much easier to run the cable through the new sleeves with the
nuts removed anyway.


New and old protection
Note the heat damage to Adrian's old clutch cable


Even though this should offer plenty of protection, still regularly check
the outer sleeve to make sure it is not becoming damaged!


One current owner recently discovered that a previous owner had made their
own heat shield with Asbestos bricks and Gaffer Tape:


Needless to say, Brian and I do NOT recommend this alternative!


** The bolt on the alternator mounting bracket has worked loose!