The Tickford Capri is notorious for overheating, but not if you
follow these simple steps.


Regularly flush the cooling system.
It is not sufficient to just quickly flush out the radiator with a hose!
The car should be driven for around 50 miles with SpeedFlush
added to the coolant.


If you have an Aluminium radiator, do be aware that some
makes of flushing fluid can destroy the internals - Holts
SpeedFlush is definitely safe!


When subsequently flushing the system, don't forget the drain plug
for the engine block that is located on the offside of the block,
just forward of the oil filter.
If no coolant readily comes out from here, it indicates a build-up of sludge
and you may need to poke around a little in the hole to free-up the flow.
Not doing this has cost one owner his engine as the blockage
caused insufficient cooling around cylinder 5.




It is also worth pointing out that the correct thermostat for your Tickford
is rated at 82 degrees Celsius and nothing higher - always a good
idea to check in case the wrong one has been fitted in the past.
They all look identical, but will have the temperature
stamped on them 82 / 85 / 88 etc.
Never be tempted to run without the thermostat either - the engine
needs to maintain an even operating temperature.



When refilling the cooling system, airlocks can be a real headache.
 Brian has found that the best method is to run the engine after you have added
the correct amount of water and antifreeze until the coolant is steaming.
Before you begin, have the cap fitted loosely (to the first notch as you rotate it)
as this will avoid coolant suddenly boiling over and running everywhere.
You will notice trapped air "burping" out through the expansion tank.
 It is also a good idea to squeeze the top radiator hose a few times
to help release that trapped air!


The Ford heater matrix has coolant running through it all the time
and does not use a valve to shut off the flow when the
 heater control is set to "cool".
Therefore it is not necessary to refill the system with the heater
 lever set to "hot" on the Capri.


It doesn't matter how these are set


After the engine has cooled again, check the level in the expansion
tank and top-up as necessary.


Finally, please remember to maintain the correct mixture of good-quality
antifreeze in your cooling system all year round.
 Antifreeze also has important anti-corrosion properties that will help keep
the water channels in your engine block free.