Quite a few Tickford Capris had an electric radio aerial and after
thirty years, chances are it's stopped working!
To gain access to the aerial, you need to support the Capri on
axle stands and remove the front nearside wheel.
Then unbolt the inner wheel arch lining.
Inside the car, remove the centre console and lower dashboard.
This is where it now gets confusing - if you have the factory electric
aerial, then you will have a metal bracket hanging down between
the heater box and centre console with a relay bolted to it.


This is the relay that controls the electric aerial


This is the wiring diagram for the factory electric aerial


You will notice that there are just two wires running to the aerial which are
red and white, plus the earth of course.
Now if your replacement aerial is totally and utterly identical, then it is a simple
matter of connecting like-for-like.
However, it will probably be an aftermarket aerial and not an OEM part.
I would recommend going for a make that is guaranteed to be excellent quality
and physically, an identical fit to the original aerial
i.e. a Hirshmann Hit Auta 2050.


Physically identical


At this point, completely remove the old bracket and relay from the lower
dashboard as you don't need it anymore.



There are two wires running to the aerial again, but this time they are
red and green, plus the earth.
Red is the +12V supply to power the aerial motor and this must be
taken from a point that can provide a minimum 5A current.
The black / yellow wire that originally went to the relay is ideal for this.
The black / yellow wire is un-fused, but it's not a problem as the
red Hirshmann wire has its own in-line 5A fuse.
The green wire on the Hirshmann controls the movement of the aerial:
+12V makes it go up
0V makes it go down
If you have a modern head unit, it will normally have a blue wire with
a white trace that is used to switch amplifiers etc.
The green wire connects to this.
If you don't have this facility, just connect the green wire to a 12V supply
via a hidden on/off switch somewhere - you could use the red wire
that went to the black relay connector as it's already fused.



Make sure you run the earth connection into the car and connect it to a
clean point - there are some pre-tapped M6 holes in the footwell
that are ideal for this.
Please don't be tempted to make an earth connection inside the wheel arch
because it's grotty in there!



Finally, make sure you transfer over the rubber drain tube from the original
aerial and form a slight downward loop in the wires where they enter the
grommet so that water doesn't try to track through it.