The extra Tickford wiring loom that powers the AFT ignition box, electric windows
and cooling fan is connected to an auxiliary fuse box mounted just above

the windscreen washer reservoir.



Because the fusebox uses the early-style Bosch torpedo-type fuses, there is a
problem with dissimilar metals and this can cause such a high resistance
that there is not enough current to power the AFT ignition system.
A quick check with a multi-meter will show 12V, but under load it is a different matter.
The only solution is to clean the contact area with emery paper,
or ideally replace the fuse box.
A quick wiggle of the fuse might cure the problem for a while, but it will not last!


This is the OEM replacement
Or you could go for a more-modern replacement
that uses blade-type fuses instead


The Tickford wiring loom has an earthing point on the bulkhead
and typically the AFT box, fuel injection control unit and
cooling fan relay earths are terminated here.
It is worth checking that you have a good connection!


If your Tickford still won't start, the next items to check are the coil
and ballast resistor wire - Tickfords seem to be very particular
about HT voltage from the coil for some reason.
The fuse box or coil have accounted for several cars not starting and
Brian's services being called upon!
Also, if you car has been standing for a while, don't panic the moment
it refuses to start - it is quite possible for the battery to have
discharged enough to stop the AFT ignition working, but
amazingly it will still turn the starter motor!


For replacement fuse boxes and actually, all vehicle electrical
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