For the past six years, Adrian's car has had a slight oil leak
 from what was thought to be the oil cooler which is
mounted inside the front spoiler.


There are always a few spots of oil after a run, but it never gets any worse


Two hoses run to and from the oil cooler around the lower offside of
the engine bay and they connect to a sandwich plate
screwed on to the oil filter housing.


This stripped-out engine bay clearly shows the two hoses and
the sandwich plate
This photo from the production line shows where the other end
of the hoses connect


Turns out that the oil leak is originating from where the
hoses join the oil cooler.
The oil tracks along the hoses and drips down at their lowest
point as they run across the inside of the front spoiler.
After referring to Brian, we established that the problem is
the hose connectors themselves.
The connectors were designed for a conical mating surface,
but the fittings on the oil cooler are flat!


Adrian is going to source the correct replacement hoses from
Merlin Motorsport and will add the details here afterwards.