This is a potentially lethal problem..........


A few years ago, Adrian replaced the main fuel hoses that run from the
Bosch fuel distribution block across the bulkhead to the fuel filter.
He also replaced the small hoses that T-off to feed the 7th injector.



A few months later, he started the car and opened the bonnet to find
fuel spraying everywhere!
Turns out that although the hoses he used looked fine at the time, they must
have been "new, old stock" and they had cracked / perished badly having
 been heated by the exhaust system that runs dangerously close
 to the Tickford fuel components.


Not immediately obvious until you flex them!


The moral of this story is to always use brand new hose and make
sure it has not been hanging around for a long time!


Now given that fire is a real risk with the Tickford Capri, it makes sense
to consider some kind of fire extinguishing system.
Adrian has gone for an electronically controlled LifeLine system that shoots
 two streams of Zero 2000 extinguishant into the engine bay.


Nozzle 1 fires forward and covers the Bosch distribution system Nozzle 2 covers the fuel filter and 7th injector area
The 2.25 litre bottle is bolted under the glovebox and does not get in the
way of the passenger's feet
The two lines carrying the extinguishant run through the heater cowl on the
bulkhead - very fiddly as you need to remove the heater box and do some
upside-down drilling, but it makes everything invisible
The control box is mounted to the left of the steering column and the wires run through
the blank on the lower dash panel where the choke is fitted on standard Capris


LifeLine systems are available from Merlin Motorsport
who are based at Castle Combe:



The LifeLine system is race-approved so is ideal if Adrian decides
to take his car to a track day in the future.