Sounds like painful medical conditions!



The air intake on the lower front spoiler is un-restricted to make
sure that the maximum amount of air reaches the
radiator, intercooler and oil cooler.
 Also, the large fibre hose carrying air to the air filter lives there.
Problem is that if you pick up any debris from the road while
 you're driving at 70mph, it can go straight through the
matrix of the radiator or even take out a fan blade.
Some owners have added a gauze across the opening to
provide some protection.


Note how thick the gauze is!


Whilst this is a good idea in principle, be very careful that you don't
use a gauze that is too dense because it will seriously impact on
the volume of air flowing......and we all know that Tickfords
just love over-heating anyway!


See the air intake hose running from the filter box across to
where the front spoiler would be


The fibre air hose that Tickford used was sometimes too long.
We've seen several Capris where it runs well across the
air intake in the front spoiler and picks-up slightly
 pre-heated air from near the oil cooler.
This hose should finish level with the offside edge of air intake
to receive the maximum amount of cold air.


Photo to follow shortly
Photo showing the correct placement of the air hose end