Samco produce a complete kit to replace all the water and auxiliary air hoses on the 2.8i Capri.
With the exception of the bottom radiator hose and the small hose that runs from the top of
the radiator back to the expansion tank, the same kit is perfect for the Tickford Capri.
Samco have kindly supplied a diagram listing all the individual hose numbers...............


TB-3645 is the bottom radiator hose that you can't use, but could sell on Ebay
TB-3646 is way too short to run from the Tickford radiator to expansion tank, but
you can make your own up from a length of stock Samco 8mm bore hose


A complete kit or individual hoses can be ordered from Merlin Motorsport
who are based at Castle Combe:



Samco hoses are most commonly available in shiny red, black or blue.
They also offer a new "classic black" range that has a matt finish and is a much closer
 match to the appearance of the original Ford rubber hoses.


Capri 2.8i kit in Classic Black Don't forget to use new Stainless Steel clamps


Bottom radiator Hose


Everyone has problems with their bottom hose which doesn't take kindly
to being undone and re-connected every time you drain the coolant!
Eventually it WILL start to leak or refuse to fit back on the thermostat housing.


The thermostat end of the bottom hose is cooked nicely by the nearside exhaust manifold
Doesn't look too happy does it!
The thermostat end has completely de-laminated and won't be going back on!


Thanks to Samco, you can get rid of this headache forever!
The fix requires two of their 41mm bore 45 degree hoses and one
billet alloy joiner, plus four new stainless steel hose clamps.


Old and New Bottom Hoses
Note - you will need to shorten one side of each 45 degree hose otherwise the whole
assembly will be too long - I have cut the ends that fit over the alloy joiner
so they just fit snugly up to the collar in the centre of the joiner
While the bottom hose is off, it makes sense to remove the thermostat housing to give it a
good clean and check you have the correct 82 degree thermostat while you're at it
Make sure you use a new gasket and check that it doesn't foul the waterways - although
it is the standard Ford gasket, you may need to enlarge the cut-out a bit as sometimes
the Tickford housing doesn't quite line-up with it
Et voila - job done!


Crankcase Breather Hoses


These will also crack and perish in time due to high under-bonnet temperatures.
You really should replace the one-way valves in the system every so
often anyway, as they can clog-up solid.
Don't be tempted to free them up with carburettor cleaner as it eats their insides!


Spot the Split!


Samco comes to the rescue again and you can make up a complete replacement system
with a selection of 180 / 90 degree pieces, T-adaptors and straight hose.


New breather hoses are shown in blue to make them obvious
Don't forget that the auxiliary air hose can also split
(shown in red here for clarity)
If you are buying a complete Samco 2.8i coolant replacement kit, the
auxiliary air hoseTB-3657 is included anyway.


Hose Cutting


If you are going to be cutting a load of hoses and want a really neat finish,
it really is worth investing in a proper hose cutter.


The Sealey HCA25 is excellent quality and will cut everything apart from
the large radiator hoses