It is important to keep the turbo wastegate linkage lubricated to ensure smooth operation.


The wastegate actuator system suffers from lack of lubrication after
constantly being heated up.



A sample of air pressure from the turbo outlet flows into the actuator,
 making the control rod extend and push on the
wastegate hinge to open it.


Specifically, you need to lubricate the area where the control rod enters the
round actuator assembly and to do this properly,
you need to extract the rod first.



Whatever you do, never be tempted to undo the adjuster on the control rod
by unscrewing it and altering its length.
The rod controls how much boost pressure is developed before
the wastegate opens - get it badly wrong and you either
end up with no boost or no engine!


Your own car may still have the original tamperproof seal intact.


Oops.....wrong seal!
That's better!


Gently prise off the circlip from the end of the control rod where it fits
into the wastegate hinge lever.
Be very careful as the linkage is under quite strong spring pressure.
Remove the rod from the lever and extract the other end from the
 actuator assembly - you can then lubricate where the rod enters
the actuator assembly - this contains the spring mechanism
 that is prone to seizing.


Please don't be tempted to use Copper-based grease as it will NOT
 withstand the high temperatures.
 Brian recommends a Silicone-based grease which will cope with being so close
to the turbo and has excellent water repellent properties.



Brian uses Servisol which is easy to obtain