Now why on Earth have we grouped these two together!
Just bear with us for a while..........


Confusingly, Ford used two different sizes of windscreen on
the MK III Capri during its life.
From 08/81 the windscreen was 6mm shorter in height, but
the same width.
At the same time, the rubber seal was made larger to
make up the difference.


Mk2/3 Laminated Screen 01.74 - 08.81 Finis 6072416
Mk3 Laminated Screen 08.81 ->  Finis 6114689
Seal part numbers taken from the Ford parts micro-fiche


Quite a number of Ford Capri owners have had problems with
replacement windscreens leaking.
If the fitter obtains a replacement screen for you, it will be almost
guaranteed to be the later (smaller) size and you must make
 sure they are using the correct (larger) seal for it.


Moving on to the fuel pump for a while.............


The fuel pump packing-up through old age is quite a common fault.
The obvious symptom is that the car won't start, but also when
  you turn on the ignition, you should hear quite a loud
clunk as the pump primes itself!
No clunk = fuel pump issue


A good replacement is available from  The Capri Club
that fits the existing rubber shock-mount perfectly.


The two electrical connectors are different so you will need to get the
soldering iron crimping please!


New fuel pump installed on Build 002 with nice waterproof connectors


In the photo above, the short hose running from the fuel tank to pump
has also been replaced and this must be purchased separately.
It is totally impossible to remove the old hose without destroying it!


Brian has since located a further source of fuel pumps, made by Walbro and
 they even have the same electrical connections as the original pump.
The part number is: FP604-15 or 0580254910
The pump can be obtained through a specialist fuel system
supplier called Glencoe Ltd


So what's the connection between windscreens and fuel pumps?
Adrian replaced his fuel pump because it had died.
His original windscreen had gone cloudy around the edges
so he had it replaced.
The windscreen firm used a later small screen with the
earlier small seal.
Six months later, the fuel pump stopped working again!


Spot the problem.......actually two problems!


Water from the bottom of the leaking windscreen had tracked around
the driver's footwell where the fuel pump relays are located
 and completely corroded-away one of the blades on
the fuse that supplies the fuel pump!


Blade-type fuse colours and ratings


The second issue is the fuse rating of 30A.
 The fuse on a standard 2.8i Capri should only be 10A.
The Walbro replacement pump consumes 12A, so if you are
 installing one of those, the fuse should be uprated to 15A.