Different Strokes 4 Different Folks


Being such a bespoke hand-built vehicle, it is very difficult to define a
detailed specification for a "standard" Tickford Capri.
Montage courtesy of Steve Saxty and the Tickford Capri Facebook Group
Not only were owners able to choose from a whole list of factory options, but
they could pretty-much ask Tickford for anything else too (at a price).
Then of course in the thirty years since production ended, many owners
have made modifications and additions to their cars.
The whole issue of making changes to the factory specification of such a
 rare car is very contentious, but no matter what, every car is
as individual as its owner.
This page is simply a gallery of all the variants out there to show just how
unique each Tickford Capri is and maybe give others some ideas.
The gallery is divided into six topics below.
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