It was always Simon Saunders' intention to have bonnet vents to
help keep the engine bay cool
This design detail made it as far as the prototype bodywork for wind tunnel
testing, but then went no further
Several owners have experimented with re-establishing the vents to try and
cure the Tickford Capri's reputation for overheating
Build 031 - Very professionally fitted either side of the "power bulge"
Close-up of Build 031's bonnet vents that allow hot air to escape upwards
Brian Hollins informs me that they are copies of the vents found on an Aston Martin
Vanquish, although slightly shorter because of the Capri bonnet profile
He also tells me that when driving the car, you can see the heat haze
rising up through the vents - guess they work then!
Build 040 has bonnet vents in a slightly different location and they are forcing cold air inwards
Different style bonnet vents again in this early photo of Build 078 which
appear to be forcing air inwards
Build 100's bonnet vents are almost invisible from this angle and
they let hot air to escape upwards
Close-up of the bonnet vents on Build 100
Build 097 has experimented with allowing cold air to enter the engine bay
through the (normally blank) front panel
Geoff has sensibly used a non-genuine Tickford front panel rather than cut
a hole in his original one!
Build 099 also has a cut-out in the front blanking panel