This little lad clearly didn't like the body colour wheels on Build 002 when I visited the
site of the old Tickford factory in 2015!
They have to be retained as that's how the car originally left the factory
When I first bought Build 002 in 1989, the previous owner had gone for gold!
If you need it at this point, please click the image below to download a virtual sick bag:
For a while I ran the car with the 13" pepperpots polished
They were professionally machine-polished
When I bought Build 002 back in 2008, the temporary owner had gone for 15"  5-spoke alloys
They had Tickford badges in the centre, but I'm not sure of the wheel make
Build 001 after its complete restoration
Close-up of Build 001's wheels
Build 012 has 15" wheels
One of Build 012's wheels in close-up
Build 031 used to have 13" pepperpots, but now has 15"
2-piece billet alloy wheels from Image
Close-up of Build 031's Image wheels
Build 097 sometimes wears these 15" Compomotives
And on occasion, models these 17" TSW Heat alloys
Build 097's Compomotives in close-up
Close-up of Build 097's TSW Heat alloy wheels - the tyres are low profile 205/40 x 17