Early Press Photos



Stunning photograph of the prototype car that was later used for the 1982 Motorshow debut

and then spent time during 1983 as the main demonstrator car FMJ624Y


The photo-shoot was organised at Tanner's Drive, Blakelands in Milton Keynes

which is Tickford's HQ


My car (Build 002) was used for this photo shoot It was the only black Tickford in existence at the time!


002 against a different background Which eventually appeared on some of the sales brochures


Rare photo of the original Motorshow car at the factory And a shot of its superbly-designed engine bay
Note the Jaguar XJS convertibles in the background Production cars were built to exactly the same
that were Tickford's previous project standard under the bonnet


The amazing interior of the 1982 Motorshow car
Production cars were not quite so detailed, but still luxurious
Extremely rare photo of the interior being built
Very few decent colour photos showing
the interior of the 1982 Motorshow car exist
View from the driver's seat showing placement of the switches,
additional gauges and Fischer C-Box cassette storage
Luxury stitching on the Recaro seats
Red everywhere !
Including the boot !


Early marketing saw two pairs of black and white photographs being circulated.

The earliest pair referred to the car being a Ford Capri 2.8T and showed the
smooth wheel covers that never made it to the production line. 

Apparently, the covers were stuck on with Blu-Tak just for the photo shoot!

The later pair of photos featured (what was supposed to be) a production car with
the painted road wheels and electric mirror options fitted.
The car was now called a Tickford Capri and the writing on the photograph was in a
Bookman Old Style font to match the badging on the tailgate of the car itself.
It was really the original prototype car again, but with the smooth wheel covers
missing and new badging on the tailgate.
How can you tell............the prototype was the only car to have reflectors at the ends
of the rubber strips on the lower spoilers and also it had black A-pillars either side
of the windscreen, where Capris are always painted body-colour in that area.
Some early press releases also included a nice black and white photo of the interior.
The photos even made it onto some Capri Club International postcards
Two more colour shots of the prototype car, taken outside Tickford's Blakelands HQ at Milton Keynes
Recently-discovered colour photo of the engine bay


The photograph used for the official Ford brochures in February / March 1984
This car was A411MHK (Build 001) and it has recently been restored
Very cleverly composed, considering those were the days before PhotoShop!
Brochure photo showing the interior of Tickford Capri with the leather seats option
Compare this interior to the Motorshow car shown above



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