MK3 Capri Fuses and Wiring


Ever wondered exactly what the standard MK3
fuses do and where they go?
Here's the answer..........


Top view with the cover removed
Bottom view with the entire Capri removed!
Note - the black / yellow wire feeds fuses 5 / 6 / 7 in parallel


Click on the thumbnails to open each circuit diagram
Diagrams open in new windows


Ignition Switch Wiring
Fuse 1 Fuse 2
Main Battery Run Interior lamps, number plate and fog lights
Fuses 3 and 4 Fuse 5
Side lights and tail lights Heater blower
Fuse 6 Fuse 7
Reversing lights, wipers and washers Brake lights, heated rear window and indicators
  Also instruments via voltage regulator



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