Given Short Shift!


You will see some Tickfords with a shortened gear lever.
This was never offered as a factory option, even though 2 inches had been
taken off the 1982 Motorshow car.
In fact, Aston Martin was so concerned about doing it that they made my car's first
 owner sign a warranty disclaimer before they would get the hacksaw out!.
Click the disclaimer to open full-size in a new window



The only reason this was done at all was because the first

owner wanted his car to match the Motorshow car

and he was very insistent!


The Motorshow car's gear lever A400MOD's gear lever


Compared to a standard length gear lever


I also fitted a "quick-shift" from Ian Willacy Engineering on Build 002 which makes
the gear changes feel more like a switch - bet the factory would have
gone berserk over that one!



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