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  Date Summary of update Page  
  11-08-2017 New page about shortened gearlevers Given Short Shift!  
    MK3 Capri standard fuses and circuit diagrams Fuses  
  07-08-2017 New page about electric mirrors Mirror, Mirror......on the Door!  
    Photo of wool headlining option What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Photo of ZF differential What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Note about different spark plugs with large bore exhaust option What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Detail about centre consoles with / without Electric Pack option What is a Tickford Capri?  
  05-08-2017 Radtec radiators and intercoolers Replacement Radiators  
    Update to Clutch Cable Protection page Clutch Cable Protection  
    Photo of Tickford Capri model Post Production Years  
    New page - Tickford Capris on Facebook Tickford Capris on Facebook  
    New page - Electric Aerial Replacement Electric Aerial Replacement  
    New page - Accessories and Merchandising Items Tickford Accessories  
  04-08-2017 Update on recommended engine oils Which Engine Oil?  
    The Capri Club added to Links page Links  
    Oil Cooler Leak Oil Cooler Leak  
    Problems with Windscreens and Fuel Pumps Windscreens and Fuel Pumps  
  03-08-2017 Clarification on the silver paint colour used for Build 100 Red White or Black?  
    Radiator Stones and Breathing Problems Radiator Stones  
    Links to Classic Ford Magazine and Vehicle Wiring Products Links  
    Update to wastegate linkage lubrication Wastegate Linkage Lubrication  
  02-08-2017 Advice about melting washer bottles! Melting Washer Bottles  
    Serious warning about perished fuel hoses Perished Fuel Hoses  
  01-08-2017 List of Tickford marques updated and thumbnail photos added Tickford Owners Club  
    Photo of Build 027 being handed over to its first owner What Went Wrong?  
    Clarification between early and late KAT Capri designs Aerodynamics and Court Action  
    Photos of my car's second owner Part 1 - Early History  
    Various updates to the AFT Ignition page AFT Ignition  
    Large update to Samco Silicone Replacement Hoses page Samco Replacement Hoses  
    Clutch cable heat protection recommendations Clutch Cable Protection  
  31-07-2017 Bit of humour added What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Handwritten Factory Bodykit Fitting Instructions Other Ticknical Documents  
    Hella Rear Wiper Delay Fitting Instructions Other Ticknical Documents  
    Details / photos of air filter box What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Videos of how a standard differential and LSD work What is a Tickford Capri?  
    New Videos Page instead of following links to YouTube Videos  
    Bosch K-Jetronic Wiring Diagram Other Ticknical Documents  
    Update to Tickford Owners Club page Tickford Owners Club  
  30-07-2017 1982 / 1983 / 1984 Motorshow Photos Whose Idea Was It?  
    Later price list from Aston Martin Tickford Coachbuilding Original Sales Brochures  
    The Tickford Capri Penthouse Pet ADULTS ONLY!  
  29-07-2017 Update to Tickford Owners Club page Tickford Owners Club  
    Articles about Build 005 in Germany and ProTrim Road Tests and Reviews  
    Update on current second-hand values Post Production Years  
    Press statement about Simon Saunders and KAT Designs Aerodynamics and Court Action  
    Steve Saxty credited with Tickford rear axle drawing What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Note about shortened gearlevers What is a Tickford Capri?  
    Note about Cardinal Red / Rosso Red body colours Red White or Black?  
    Detailed photo of flush-fitting Ford badge No Such Thing  
  28-07-2017 Missing link to the Brian Hollins Workshop restored Brian's Workshop  
  27-07-2017 Link to Tickford Owners Club on main page Introduction  
    Total re-vamp of Contents page and how pages are accessed    
    More 20th Anniversary photos 2017  
    New page about the Tickford Owners Club Tickford Owners Club  
  25-07-2017 Stunning drawing of the Tickford Capri The Engineering Cutaway  
    Tickford Owners Club 20th Anniversary photos 2017  
  24-07-2017 Photo of the Ford Granada Altair The Simon Saunders Gallery  




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