Lighting the Way


From sometime around 1985 Tickford started to offer a factory option of
"double-dip headlights" i.e. all four headlights working on
both dipped and main beam.


Build 005 (L) has the standard Capri headlights, Build 002 (R) has the double-dip conversion
Note how the standard outer headlights have a darker appearance where all four
headlights on the double-dip system look the same


The standard Capri headlights are 5.75 inch Hella units, with different versions
used for the outer and inner pairs.
  The outer pair have a dual-filament Halogen H4 bulb for dipped and main beam,

together with a T4 sidelight bulb.

The inner pair have a single-filament H1 bulb and are active on main beam only.
The most obvious difference between the units when looking at them from the front
is that the outer headlights have a convex lens where the inner headlights are flat.


I have tried everywhere to get a decent photograph that shows the flat inner lights,
but it has proved almost impossible - the nearside on Build 027 is about the
best I could do!


Not surprisingly, the standard headlights retain the original relay
which is bolted to the top of the bulkhead on the nearside.


Standard Ford headlight relay
To the right of it is the Tickford radiator fan relay and auxiliary fuse box
Photo courtesy of Nick Hearn


The Tickford conversion used a matching set of four Cibie headlights,
all with H4 bulbs, but only the outer pair contain a side light.


Build 002's Cibie headlights - all four have convex lenses
Close-up of Build 079's double-dip headlights


The standard Capri wiring and relay could not support the additional current
required by all four lights on dipped beam, so the Ford relay was replaced
with a custom-built set of three relays and four fuses with new wires
running to each of the four headlights.


The Tickford block of three relays and four fuses


The above photo shows how Tickford mounted the relays, but you will see
other variations as some owners fitted the kit themselves later.


The relays on my car, Build 002 are configured slightly When I installed the double-dip system on Build 079
differently because I did it myself, plus there are extra I mounted everything on the opposite side of the
relays for cooling fan over-ride and air horns bulkhead, which made a much neater job


Information about the actual circuit diagram can be found on the
Other Ticknical Documents  page.



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