Mirror, Mirror.....on the Door!


There is a bit of confusion surrounding the electric door mirrors that were fitted
to some Tickford Capris.
  They were offered as part of the "Electric Pack" option and installed in

conjunction with the rear wiper delay.

Installation of the Electric Pack had to be done at the first service as fitting it
 prior to the car's delivery would contravene Tickford's Type Approval.
For the 1982 Motorshow prototype car, Tickford went to the Richard Grant
catalogue and ordered a pair of Vitaloni Tornado electric mirrors.


Page from the Richard Grant catalogue
Click on the page to view it full size


Vitaloni Tornado mirrors painted white on the Motorshow car


When my car Build 002 was ordered, the first owner specified the electric mirrors
because he wanted it to be a copy of the Motorshow car.
So Tickford simply ordered another pair from Richard Grant and left them in black!


Black Vitaloni Tornado mirrors on Build 002


I didn't realise until recently that the electric mirrors fitted to all the other Tickfords
that had the Electric Pack option were a completely different make!
I'm now on a mission to find out where they came from.


Vitaloni Tornado on Build 002 Unknown later make on other cars
Both have tinted glass And are similar size


I've also now noticed that the toggle switches that control the mirrors
are of slightly different designs, but my guess is that the wiring
would be similar for both types of mirror.


The Vitaloni switches are rounded
The later switches are more square in appearance


I am informed that Tickford received complaints about the electric mirrors
wobbling at speed and that as a result, they were later deleted
from the list of options.
Most cars just retained the standard 2.8i Capri cable-adjusted driver's mirror
and manually adjustable passenger side mirror.



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