The Tickford Capri 1:18 Scale Model Project


A company called PremiumX Models made a limited edition of 500 1:43 scale
Tickford Capris in red and white.
They are long-since out of stock, but sometimes come up for sale on eBay,
the most recent reaching a price of  157 in September 2017.


The PremiumX Models version of the Tickford Capri in a presentation box


Another company called Norev have produced a giant 1:18 scale model
of the Ford 2.8 Injection Capri.



The Norev 1:18 scale against the PremiumX 1:43 scale


Photo courtesy of Steve Saxty


The popular Tickford Capri Group on Facebook has started looking into the feasibility
of commissioning a 1:18 version of the Tickford Capri.
A model-maker has been found who is prepared to build a prototype for evaluation
and appropriately, this model is going to be based on the original Tickford
prototype / Motorshow car FMJ624Y.
Steve Saxty and Russell Arundell (Build 100) are co-ordinating the project
and are looking to keep the cost to around 150 per car.
The models would be produced in very limited numbers and there may be
the option to have models crafted to match individual build numbers.


Click on the image below to view the latest .pdf file of the blueprints for the model:


4th October 2017
Paul Talbot (Talbot's Diecast Models) has started work on the prototype
Tickford Capri using a 1:18 Norev car kindly donated
to the project by Steve Saxty.


Oh no......hang on......that was the real one!
The resemblance is quite un-canny!




6th October 2017
The prototype now has a boot spoiler





10th October 2017
More progress




If any Tickford Capri owners who do not have access to Facebook are

interested in one of these models, please contact me direct and

I will pass your details on to the co-ordinators.




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