The Post-Production Years


So what has happened in the thirty years since production ceased?


Quite a few Tickford Capris have disappeared without trace.

Some have been stolen and subsequently probably broken for parts.

  A couple have been converted aka butchered for some strange reason to

other engines such as the Cosworth 24V.

And a few have come to a rather sticky end in arguments with trees and lesser cars!


Up until the mid-1990s, Tickford still supported their Capri
This photo shows Build 079 in for a service with two other cars
plus another red one needing a little more attention!


Another view of the Bedworth factory, taken in the late 1980s, showing
a Capri and an RS200 in for service


A handful of cars are living abroad - as far away as Canada and the USA.


Build 098 offered for auction in Canada 2011
The stripes and decals are actually hand-applied 9ct Gold leaf!
US Federal side marker lights fitted on all four corners
I'm told that the Aston Martin wings are real gold too!


Some Tickfords have spent time on the race track - one unidentified build
was used as a pace car at Brands Hatch for a while and several
owners regularly attend track days.


Spot the Tickford in the centre of the photo - bit of a mystery!
Photo courtesy of Geoff Cochrane (Build 097)


Tickford vs KAT Capri at Castle Combe in 2009


A Tickford engine has turned up in an otherwise standard Capri during a motoring
event held at Landgraff in Holland.


The car has a Belgian registration and none of the Tickford bodywork
The Tickford engine, but with a number of differences:
There is a standard Ford VIN plate on the front valance, so it was never an original Tickford.
The standard Ford Capri DuraSpark ignition management is fixed on the nearside inner
front wing with an unknown extra black box on the offside wing.
The 7th injector running into the main charge air pipe is totally different and the air pipe
itself has been fabricated differently to the usual Tickford one.
Rather than measuring charge air temperature from beside the 7th injector, there appears to be
a sensor mounted towards the rear of the plenum chamber.
Fuel filter is mounted on the wrong side of the engine bay and the exhausts
are missing all their fibre heat shields.
Intercooler, radiator and fan are completely different.


Having said all that, the car certainly goes!
Click on the thumbnail below to watch this Capri seriously

embarrass a Cosworth-powered Cobra replica:



It is still even possible to come across a Tickford Capri as a "barn find" and Build 036 was
un-earthed in 2011 having spent around 5 years under a tarpaulin in a Dorset car park!




You really never know where one might turn up....................


Build 001 spent many un-registered years in this state before being saved by Tracy Brown!


Currently there are around 40 Tickford Capris in existence.


Prices of the few that come up for sale have risen steadily over the past decade.
It cost me 12,500 to buy back my car Build 002 in 2008 - an absolute bargain,
especially considering his uniqueness.
 In 2011, it is reported that one Tickford Capri changed hands privately for 24k.
In 2012, eBay saw the sale of one car requiring restoration for 8k and a further
nice example where the bidding reached 15k with reserve not met.
July 2012, Classic Ford magazine magazine rated the Tickford Capri in its Top 5 factory

street Fords and estimated a valuation of 20k for one in grade A condition.



To bring you up to date, in the past twelve months up to July 2017, two cars
have sold for over 30k and one of those needed a total re-spray!


STOP PRESS........Tickford Capri sells for a record 37,500 in July 2017!



Is the Tickford Capri really worth these sorts of figures?
ABSOLUTELY..........try driving one!


  Worth 30k of anyone's money just for the looks!  


As a last resort, you could always settle for one of the Tickford Capri models.
The company that made them is out of stock, but they often come up for
sale in red or white on eBay.


The detail is exquisite!



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