The Post-Production Years


So what has happened in the thirty years since production ceased?


Up until the mid-1990s when the Bedworth factory closed,
Tickford enthusiastically still supported their Capri.
This photo shows Build 079 in for a service with two other cars
plus another red one needing a little more attention!
Another view of the Bedworth factory, taken in the late 1980s, showing
a Capri and an RS200 in for service.
Three different Tickford conversions in one shot:
Three Tickford Capris
One Tickford Taxi
One RS500


Tickford even hosted get-togethers for the owners, organised by their

Special Vehicles Manager, Dave Wood.
The first of these was held in June 1994 and it provided an opportunity
for owners to buy Tickford Capri spares at factory prices:



The photographs below are from the last meeting held at
the factory in 1995 before it closed.
After a tour of the factory, a line-up of all the Tickford Capris present
was photographed at the nearby Weston Hall Hotel.


Thanks to Mick Podmore from the Tickford Capri Facebook Group
for providing these photographs


Brian Hollins has also kindly provided the montages below

from the 1995 get-together:


Line-up of Tickford Capris at Weston Hall Hotel.
With other Tickford conversions joining in.
Parked at the factory, ready for the tour.


With the factory closed, Dave Wood moved to Tickford's HQ at

Tanners Drive in Milton Keynes.
The following photos are from the next meeting, this time held
at Tanners Drive in 1996:


I am grateful to Paul Windram (Build 027) for supplying these montages from the event


Once again, Brian Hollins has come up trumps by providing some of

his own photos from the 1996 gathering:




It would be another two years before the Tickford Register was formed by

the late Mick Millward, with subsequent get-togethers being

organised by it's members in various locations.
The Tickford Register became the Tickford Owners Club in 2000 and
it still hosts regular meetings, the most recent being held at the
Weston Hall Hotel again in 2017 to celebrate the 20th
anniversary of the Register and re-create the
line-up of Tickfords photographed in 1995.



Here are a few photographs from the July 2017 meeting with

twelve Tickford Capris in attendance:






Some Tickford Capris have disappeared without trace.

A typical example of a missing car is Build 016.
A388WBD was used as a demonstrator car during 1984 and it was featured
in several magazine road tests that year.


Nothing has been heard of this car since 1988!


In my role of "Capri Archivist" for the Tickford Owners Club, I am
attempting to create a definitive database of all the cars.
As part of this, I now have a Missing Cars page which will
hopefully answer some questions in due course.




Views like this were quite common at the factory when over-enthusiastic
owners needed to come back for a re-shell!




There is also the ever-present danger of engine bay fire due to
the close proximity of fuel and exhaust components.


Blackened and melted engine bay, windscreen cracked through heat!




A handful of cars are living abroad - in Europe and beyond.


Build 005 now lives in Germany.


  Build 013 was converted to a Cosworth 24V engine and exported

to Australia - its original engine was bought by another
Tickford Capri owner as a spare.


Early photograph of Build 013 prior to its conversion and export.
The swap to a Cosworth engine was not as daft as you might think - it copes with
Australian ambient temperatures far better than the Tickford engine.
The A28TCK registration was later sold to another Tickford owner.


Build 018 still resides in the UK, but way up north
on the Orkney Islands!


Build 059 lives in Holland.
It regularly attends European events, photographed here at a Belgian show in 2012.


Build 098 lived in Canada until 2017 - it is now reportedly coming back to the UK.
The stripes and decals are actually hand-applied 9ct Gold leaf!
US Federal side marker lights had to be fitted on all four corners.




It is even possible to come across a Tickford Capri as a "barn find".
Build 036 was un-earthed in 2011 having spent around 5 years
under a tarpaulin in a Dorset car park!


The car is now being restored and feeling much better!


You really never know where one might turn up....................


Build 001 spent many un-registered years in this state before being saved by Tracy Brown!
And this was the stunning end result!




Some Tickfords have spent time on the race track - one unidentified build
was used as a pace car at Brands Hatch for a while and several
owners regularly attend track days.


Spot the Tickford in the centre of the photo - bit of a mystery!
Photo courtesy of Geoff Cochrane (Build 097)


Build 009 A413MHK at Wiscombe Hill Climb in 1985.
Photo courtesy of Brian Hollins (Build 031)


Tickford Capri Build 021 vs KAT Capri at Castle Combe in 2009.


Build 027 used to attend the Brighton Speed Trials with its original owner.
This excerpt from the 1984 programme records it eating the half mile
in a little over 25 seconds.
Scan courtesy of Paul Windram (Build 027)


Over the years, Brian Hollins has been a prolific track-visitor with 4BRH,
Build 031 that he has owned from new.
He has earned his own page, which you can access by clicking
on the image below:




It turns out that so many Tickfords have been used as wedding cars,
I've had to give them a separate gallery page which you
can access by clicking on the image below:




Some owners have no idea how to park and have probably amassed 000s in parking fines!
Photo courtesy of Claire Delacy Norenberg (Build 004)


A story has been circulating for many years about a Tickford Capri being used as a

getaway vehicle for a robbery in Carmarthen that took place during the early 1990s.

Crimewatch UK ran a re-enactment of the incident and the thieves were quickly
 apprehended due to their transport being so memorable!
In the summer of 2017 Peter Taylor from the Tickford Capri Facebook Group
un-earthed Build 071 which had been on the "missing" list for ages.
It turns out that Build 071 was the getaway car!


Build 071 will be under-going a full restoration and then released on bail!
Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor (Build 071)


This is what Peter had to say about his discovery:

"B474BCW was used in a jewel heist in Chester after being stolen from the owner.
He had left the keys in it while asking directions.  It was recovered shortly after
and actually repaired by Tickford FOC.  Sadly the owner became ill and the car
sat in his garage for 27 years until last month when I got my hands on her."
Steve Saxty also had some memories of the incident:

"I remember talking to Roger Smith at Tickford and he told me they loaned the BBC

their demo car for this, but felt the TV presenters' comments about the car being
"too distinctive" for a getaway somewhat made the piece seem negative.
I thought it was mid-eighties."


Clearly there is more to be found out regarding this story, clarification of details

and who knows......maybe even some video evidence in due course!




Some Tickford Capris are used as daily drivers, whilst others lead a very
cosseted life in air conditioned garages.


Brian Hollins' beautiful Build 031 is in daily use, even for trips to the supermarket!
Shawn Hickman has owned the immaculate Build 008 from new, but it is never
seen on the road now, spending its life protected in a car cocoon.
How about a bike rack?  This was Build 057 on holiday!
Possibly the worst recorded historic case of Tickford abuse.
Capri guru, Steve Saxty forced Build 023 to stay outside in this weather
AND drove it in said conditions!
The culprit subsequently fled the country - reportedly hiding in the USA.
He was extradited back to the UK in July 2017 by the Tickford Owners Club,
but later released as they couldn't make the charges stick
 .......unlike the snow!




A Tickford engine turned up in an otherwise standard Capri during a
motoring event held at Landgraff in Holland.


The car has a Belgian registration and none of the Tickford bodywork.
The Tickford engine, but with a number of differences.


Click on the thumbnail below to watch this Capri seriously

embarrass a Cosworth-powered Cobra replica:



Turns out that the owner is Peter Theunissen from Belgium who is a
member of the Tickford Capri Group on Facebook.
Looks like he really knows his stuff and Peter has made numerous
improvements to the car since the photos above were taken.


As the volume of information about Peter's unique car is growing, the full story
is now located on a separate page that can be accessed from

the main "Contents" page or by clicking the image below:





Tickford Capri Facebook Group member, David Bell briefly owned what
looked like a standard 2.8i Capri A146XNY about twenty years ago.
David tells us that the engine (of unknown origin) was not set-up properly
and was missing its 7th injector, just running the standard Ford
DuraSpark ignition system.
He eventually re-fitted a standard 2.8i engine and sold the Tickford bits
to another Tickford Capri owner.


Looked innocent enough from the outside.
But there was a Tickford Capri engine under the bonnet!


Back around 1987, Nick Hearn (current owner of Build 015) owned PCP820X
which was a 2.8i Capri fitted with the Tickford body panels.


Looks like a real Tickford from the side.
And the back.
But not from the front.


It is known that Tickford would quite happily sell the spoilers and side skirts to anyone,
but NEVER the blank front grille, so an alternative had to be used!


Having said that, here is a Capri that has a Turbo Technics conversion and a

full set of Tickford bodywork, INCLUDING the blank front grille!


It was up for sale on eBay around 2016, but not sure what happened to it.


Steve Saxty has un-earthed a fantastic photograph that he took while

visiting the factory, around about the time that Tickford were starting
to work on the RS500 conversions.


Build 027 is in the foreground, presumably in for a service.
Paul Windram, the owner of Build 027 has worked out that this photo must have
been taken at some time up to June 1986 as his car had a gold stripe
added after then.
A red Tickford Capri being built, possibly Build 096 as that was
 the only late red car.
An early RS500, looking like Build 002 from the window sticker.
The Flaxen Mist car Build 089.
Lacquer Red 2.8i Capri with registration number of C787FOV - this number does
not appear on the Tickford Capri database, so possibly another car just
having the bodykit fitted like Nick Hearn's car above?
The Lacquer red Capri may have belonged to an employee.
The white Capri also has at least a Tickford bodykit - bit of a mystery
as its registration number of *990S** again does not appear
anywhere on the Tickford Capri database - the lettering
on the tailgate ends level with the start of the blanking
panel, so possibly says "Capri 2.8" again making it
yet another bodykit-only job!




Currently there are around 40 Tickford Capris in existence.


Prices of the few that come up for sale have risen steadily over the past decade.
 In 2011, it was reported that one Tickford Capri changed hands for 24k.
In 2012, eBay saw the sale of one car requiring restoration for 8k and a further
nice example where the bidding reached 15k with reserve not met.
July 2012 Classic Ford Magazine rated the Tickford Capri in its Top 5 factory

street Fords and estimated a valuation of 20k for one in grade A condition:



To bring you up to date, in the past twelve months to September 2017,
two cars have now sold for over 30k!


Is the Tickford Capri really worth these sorts of figures?
ABSOLUTELY..........try driving one!


  Worth 30k of anyone's money just for the looks!  


As a last resort, you could always settle for one of the limited edition 1:43 scale Tickford Capri models.
PremiumX Models that made 500 in red and white are out of stock, but they sometimes come up for
sale on eBay, the latest one reaching a final bid of 157 in September 2017!


The PremiumX Models version of the Tickford Capri in a presentation box.
The detail is exquisite!



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