Red......White......or Black?



Tickford offered the cars in a choice of three basic colours - red, white or black.

For an extra 3262, owners could choose the option of pearlescent white paint.
Apart from the 1984 Motorshow car, that had a very dramatic appearance with red and white
leather interior, I do not know of any cars that had this pearlescent paint job.


The 1984 pearlescent white Motorshow With the interior in a very loud
car on its stand red and white leather


However, for the bargain price of 2658, you could specify a coach-finish in any plain
or metallic colour you liked!
I am reliably informed that Tickford always kept a white 2.8i in reserve to use as a
base for any customers who wanted a custom colour.
A number of owners took this route, so you will find Tickfords in other finishes
such as Glacier Blue, silver and there is even one in British Racing Green.


The beautiful Glacier Blue car (Build 031) of Brian Hollins
photographed during a track day at Brands Hatch in 2003
The engine bay in Glacier Blue looks pretty good too !


And as if that wasn't choice enough, you could also pay a further 181 to have
your wheels painted the same colour as the body.


This is Build 027, an early car, with the colour-coded pepperpot alloy wheels to match the one-off green paint
Build 100 is a nice example of a later one-off silver car, with the later 7-spoke alloys colour-coded to match
Tickford really would do any colour to order
The silver paint on Build 100 is actually a Porsche colour
called Mattgrav Metallic which has a subtle
hint of gold in it
Many thanks to the present owner of Build 100, Russell Arundell
for clarifying this


Two variants of red paint were used - early cars were finished in Ford Cardinal Red
and later cars had Ford Rosso Red.


Early Tickford in Cardinal Red Later Tickford in Rosso Red
Cardinal Red has a slightly "duller" appearance, but both look amazing


Towards the end of production, Tickford offered Flaxen Mist pearlescent paint, which although not
 to everyone's taste, was certainly stunning!
Only two Flaxen Mist cars were ever built - one of those was the ex-1987 demonstrator
 that is still around today and the other had to be re-sprayed black
before Tickford could sell it!


The 1987 demonstrator car (Build 089) with Flaxen Mist pearlescent paintwork


It is a proven fact that the black cars are fastest and detailed polishing

can knock a further 0.2s off the 0-60mph time!




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