The Simon Saunders Gallery


Simon Saunders was a member of Aston Martin Tickford's
Design Team in the early 1980s.
 Not only was he the man responsible for the stunning body styling
on the Tickford Capri, but also other Tickford creations

of that era such as the Metro and Stag.


  Simon Saunders in his office at Tickford HQ circa 1983  


Simon is still very much involved with the motor industry today,
as manufacturer of the  Ariel Atom  in Somerset. 
A recent contact with him has resulted in the Tickford Owners Club being given
some of his original artwork and scans of other pieces for the archives.
I am delighted to have received permission to reproduce his work here.
Not only are the drawings beautiful, but they track the progression of the Tickford
Capri design from initial thoughts to the finished product.

So sit back, scroll the mouse and enjoy.........................


Simon's initial ideas retaining the basic MK III Capri front with mirrors mounted

at the tip of the doors and no rear spoiler.


Development of a Firenza-style front.


The most radical design now has an air intake on the bonnet and a rear spoiler.


Getting closer to the final design - showing the bonnet vents that almost made it to

production and the door mirrors.

The interior is quite close to the Motorshow prototype.


The final design where the rear spoiler has been enlarged to work like a wing and create downforce.


The bonnet vents are gone, but the blank wheel trims that never made production are still shown.


If you ever wonder what may have influenced Simon's thinking, take a look at the
photograph below of a Ford Granada Altair that was designed by Ghia in 1980,
but never made it to the production line:


Many thanks to Steve Saxty for introducing me to this car - I had never heard of it before!



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