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One of the main contributors to both this website and the Tickford
Capri Facebook Group is Steve Saxty.
Who on Earth is Steve Saxty, you might ask?



Steve Saxty in 2017


Steve wrote “Capri: Biography of the Mark III” in 1996 after working for Ford
in the eighties as a product designer at the Dunton R&D site.
During this time, he saw the Capri Injection evolve first hand and came
to know many of the key players in the Capri’s story.
 He owned various Capris from a 1600 GL to 2.0 and 3.0S and a
2.8 Injection, as well as two Tickford Capris.



After leaving Ford he moved to Mazda where he helped launch the MX-5
before moving to Porsche and running UK sales.
He then moved into brand consulting and ran the global automotive practice
for FutureBrand in New York and then later JD Power.
Steve returned to the UK in 2008-2010 to work for Jaguar as Global Communications
Director, managing the Company’s marketing communications.
Steve then worked for various ad agencies including running the global brand
strategy for Nissan and later VW in the US.


An ex-Steve Saxty Tickford - Build 023


He confesses to a mutual weakness for both the 911 and Capri
 and in 2017 started a second book on the Capri.
This time he plans on a full colour book that includes many new insights
gained over the last 20 plus years.
 It will be written in a more expansive style that comprehensively tells
the engineering and marketing story of both the
Mark II and Mark III Capris.


 To learn more about this exciting new book and keep up to date

with its progress, Steve has created a dedicated website:


Below is a synopsis of the new book.
Please click on each thumbnail to open it full size in a new window


To whet your appetite, here is a sample "panel" from the book:



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