TCD - Tickford Compulsive Disorder


A recently-diagnosed medical condition where basically, Tickford owners become
obsessed about tinkering with the front of their cars.


Adrian Dening and Build 002 in 1990 with the onset of the condition
Steve Saxty had the condition so badly that he even had to do it to
Build 019 the middle of a field at a Capri show!
Photo courtesy of Chris Richards who is pictured to the offside of
Steve, trying to control the situation!


Sadly there is no known cure and the condition is said to lead
to premature ageing or at worst, complete madness.


Adrian Dening in 2017 - the ravaging effects of the condition are obvious
Steve Saxty in 2017 - shown here talking about his condition and receiving
counselling from ex-Tickford Special Vehicles Manager, Dave Wood!


Here is photographic evidence that Geoff Cochrane (Build 097)
may also be a sufferer!



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