The Story of Build 002

Part 2 - Mine at Last


Couldn't wait to get down to Piddletrenthide to see the car..........oh dear!


Build 002 down on the farm and caked in mud!


Wrong front grille, rusty mirror backs ...........and those lovely gold wheels!


More mud on the inside than outside But at least the interior was still intact


If you think 002 looks rough, you should have heard how he ran!
I felt so sorry for him that I just had to organise a rescue mission
and instantly paid a deposit.

   A bank loan from my boss and the sale of various vital organs later,

Build 002 was finally mine!




I collected 002 on 23rd April 1989 and limped back home running on what felt
like 3 cylinders, but in reality was probably less! bet!

Another of my bank customers happened to be a mechanic at Abbey Garage, where 002
had sat for over a year and I mentioned to him that I now had the car.
 The following morning, the doorbell rang before we were open for business - I answered
 it to be greeted by the mechanic proudly clutching 002's original Tickford front grille!

Well that was one headache off the list!

Next job was to book 002 in for a full service and give carte-blanche for
Tickford to do whatever was required to get things running properly.
That's when I first met Dave Wood, Special Vehicles Manager at Tickford's Bedworth factory.
Dave was, without doubt, the most helpful and genuine person I have ever met
 in 30 years of dealing with the motor trade.
 Tickford had the car for a week and when I returned to collect, I was treated like royalty!
Firstly, I was invited to join Dave Wilcox, who had been working on the car,
for the final road test.
That was an experience - travelling at well over 100mph on a network of winding lanes
around the outskirts of Bedworth - sat in the passenger seat of MY CAR!
We get back and Dave Wood takes me to lunch at the pub down the road.
On our return to the factory, he has one more surprise - at the time, Tickford
were working on the phenomenal RS200s, converting them to road-spec.
They had just finished one and would I like to accompany him on a test drive?
I have never been so terrified in all my life!


Looks innocent enough....just sat there!


RS200s in various stages of completion Thank goodness the one I experienced was only 350bhp
and a Maestro Turbo up on the hoist and not this 650bhp monster!


The bill for all the work was a bit high for a bank clerk in the 1980s, but I couldn't
have cared less - 002 was running beautifully and I'd had the sort of day
that memories are made of !
Click on the documents below to see the paperwork in new windows


The bill The parts list The original factory job sheet


Next job was a thorough clean using enough Autoglym products to fill a warehouse!


Looking much better now, but those gold wheels have got to go!


Even the engine bay was starting to scrub-up nicely too


It was time for the 1989 Yeovil Festival of Transport and I had Build 002 booked-in

as entry 182 in the non-concours section.



002 certainly generated a lot of interest at the show I had made-up a board that explained who he was


I love this photo - notice the chap walking away, scratching his head
He's probably wondering why on Earth the car has gold wheels !



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