The Story of Build 002

Part 4 - Wedding Bells


No......not mine!


I was approached by Malcolm Kellet, who had been the second
owner of 002 with a very special request.
 Malcolm was getting married and could he have the Tickford as his main wedding car?
Of course I said yes with no hesitation and we had a fantastic day.
 First, I collected Malcolm from his home near Langport and drove him to Warminster.
Next job was to transport his bride Carol to the church.
Finally, we took the happy couple to their reception and stayed for the whole event.


  Collecting Malcolm from home  
  Malcolm and Carol with their Best Man and bridesmaids  
  Convoy of Fords waiting outside the church.....well two Fords and a Tickford!  
  The Happy Couple  
  Ahhh.....this web site is supposed to be suitable for children!  
  Travelling in style!  
  The cars made an impressive display at the entrance to the reception  


Must confess to us all having a quick blast at about 120mph down the A303
on the way to the reception.
 My role as a chauffeur was the subject of some ribbing during Malcolm's wedding
 speech as Carol had arrived quite late at the a 140mph supercar!



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