The Story of Build 002

Part 5 - A Moment of Madness


Owning 002 had been a real rollercoaster ride and I loved him to bits, but by the summer of 1991 I had a serious problem.

Hidden beneath the story on the previous pages and all the upgrades I had made, there were horrendous maintenance costs.  I went through a period where it seemed like every time I was travelling back from a show or took someone out for a demonstration drive, something expensive broke.


  May 1989 Original work at Tickford 1180
  July 1989 Rear Brake Calipers   271
  October 1989 Bottom Radiator Hose     25
  November 1989 Replacement Heat Shields     40
  November 1989 Replacement Front Struts   289
  December 1989 Tune-up at Tickford   139
  December 1989 New Gearbox and Clutch   616
  December 1989 Replacement Rear Leaf Springs   486
  January 1990 Re-spray of Lower Spoilers and Bonnet   679
  July 1990 Re-spray of Tailgate Spoiler   111
  October 1990 Another Bottom Radiator Hose     20
  December 1990 Rear Hub Seals (with free courtesy half-shafts)     36
  January 1991 Tune-up at Tickford and re-set Suspension   221
  April 1991 Replacement Radiator and AFT Black Box 1061


And that was just the bills from Tickford and our local Ford dealer - it didn't take into account all the incidentals from other sources and gallons of Autoglym polish. 

At the time, I had been offered the chance to buy a Jensen Interceptor, which was a car I had always fancied and I was also beginning to show an unhealthy interest in drag racing as, after being a spectator for many years, a local Competition Altered dragster was up for sale.

I therefore made the hard decision to sell 002 and I advertised him in Exchange & Mart.


  Exchange & Mart - 9th May 1991  


I sold 002 to Richard King from Ottery St. Mary on 20th August 1991.


  Richard King takes delivery of 002  


The smile on my face lasted for approximately 5 minutes after he left, by which time I realised that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life!


Well it was too late to do anything about it.  I busied myself with restoring the Jensen Interceptor and spent a couple of years racing the dragster at Santa Pod...............and I had thought that 002 was expensive to run!


The Jensen Interceptor and Boss Cat




Richard King really didn't do any mileage in 002 and the car virtually disappeared off the map.  He did appear on the front cover of the Tickford Register magazine at the end of 1998, using a couple of my old photos.


  Volume 2 Issue 1 of the Tickford Register  


Periodically, I kept in touch with Richard King.  In 2000, Richard asked me if I could spend some time with 002 sorting out problems with the AFT ignition system.  I had given Richard my stock of two spare black boxes and a spare flywheel sensor when I sold the car.

It was great to see 002 again, carefully covered and stored in a heated garage.  He had only covered about 500 miles and Richard had sprayed the wheels black again.  I must confess that when Richard left me alone to start work, I sat in the drivers seat and balled my eyes out for about 10 minutes.  I made a promise to myself there and then, that at some point I would get 002 back again.

Richard King never told me, but in the summer of 2003 he decided to sell.  I have managed to locate a copy of the advert from an unknown source, thanks to the Tickford Owners Club archives.


  Would have been out of my budget anyway!  


On 3rd June 2003, 002 was bought by Keith Dare from Honiton.  Keith was an enthusiastic collector of Aston Martins and 002 was in safe hands, occupying a slot in his enormous, air-conditioned garage.


  002 parked in the garage of Keith Dare  


Keith took a real pride in 002.  He spent a fortune having a re-spray and making sure that all the Tickford panels fitted perfectly.  The car re-acquired the red "go faster" stripe that it had originally from the factory.  The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the change of wheels - Keith decided on some after-market 5-spoke 15 inch wheels because tyres for the original pepperpots are virtually impossible to source nowadays. Sensibly, he held on to the original pepperpots and carefully stored them away.

Keith did very little mileage and kept 002 in perfect condition.  He did attend various shows and I have managed to compile a list of 002's appearances..........


9th Nostalgia Show - South Cerney - 2003
Crashbox & Classic Car Club Show - Powderham Castle - 2003
10th Nostalgia Show - South Cerney - 2004
Crashbox & Classic Car Club Historic Vehicle Gathering - Devon - 2004
The Wessex Classic Car Show - Bovington Tank Museum - 2004
The Yeovil Festival - 2004
Abbey Hill Steam Rally - Yeovil - 2005


  Outside Keith Dare's garage circa 2005  
  Photos taken when Brian Hollins (Build 031) visited Keith Dare  


When I had owned 002, I was a bachelor in my late twenties and living at home.  My mother, Marion Dening, had always supported the car and even helped me with the weekly polishes.


  Mum standing guard over 002 at the August 1991 Yeovil Festival of Transport - the last show I had attended  


On Christmas Eve 2007, Mum sadly passed away after a long illness.  Whilst nothing could ever possibly compensate for that in any way whatsoever, it did mean that I would be in a position to buy 002 back again if he ever came up for sale.

I approached Keith Dare to see if he would consider selling 002 and coincidentally, he had already been contemplating exactly that, as his Aston Martin collection was growing and he really needed the space.

You can guess what happened next!


  002 was mine once again !  


I collected 002 on 22nd January 2008.  Although it was a tragic set of circumstances that surrounded the purchase, I was so happy just to have him back on the drive.


Collecting 002 from Keith Dare But what's with the furry dice?
Back home safe and sound With pride of place on the drive



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