Tickford Accessories and Merchandising Items


Over the years, Tickford have released a few merchandising items.
All are rare and some were originally only available to employees.


This is my own private collection, but I would be very interested

to learn about any other items out there.


Starting with what is probably the rarest of all - factory fibreglass wing covers
that were given to me by Dave Wood on my first visit to Tickford in 1989.
They are foam-lined and designed to protect the front wings during servicing
Factory photo showing the wing covers in use
How about a Tickford sports bag?
Produced in very small numbers around 1983 / 1984
Apparently made using the left-over hood material from the Jaguar XJS cabriolet
and the feet were the tonneau press studs!
The large patch worn across the back of the factory mechanics' overalls
Sew-on patch purchased in 1990 from somewhere I can't remember!
Official Tickford jacket
Another official Tickford jacket
That even has the Tickford logo in the lining
The Tickford sweater
The Tickford pen knife
That doubles as a bottle opener
A Tickford leather key fob
And a Tickford Owners Club key fob


Many thanks to John Atkinson for providing this photograph
of his Tickford mug:


And a Tickford tax disc holder:


Window stickers were available in large and small:
Large sticker for inside the rear window
Small sticker for inside the windscreen


Not sure this counts as an official accessory:
Photo courtesy of Richard Nener, although I don't think that's actually him in the photo!




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