Tickford Capris on Facebook


Moving with the times, the Tickford Capri now appears on a selection

of different Facebook groups and pages.

Note that if groups are "closed", then you will need to ask to join them


Russell Arundell, the owner of Build 100 has recently started a group called
"Tickford Capri" which is proving to be very popular.
Over 120 members as at the beginning of August 2017 with regular
posts from both current and previous owners.




For more general Tickford information, there is the "Tickford" group run by
Richard Nener, that is long-established with over 270 members.




Claire Delacey Norenberg, owner of Build 004 has a page called
"Tickford Turbo 4" that has over 2000 followers!




And there is a page documenting the restoration of Build 036
that has over 900 followers.





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