The Tickford Owners Club is an international group of motoring enthusiasts and it was formed
to enable owners of these exclusive vehicles to exchange ideas, of both a practical and
informative nature and to ensure the survival of all marques converted by Tickford.


Aston Martin Lagonda Ford Orion E Ford Racing Puma
Ford RS200 Frazer Metro Jaguar XJS Cabriolet
London Taxis MG Maestro Turbo MG Metro Turbo
MG RV8 Rover 820 Turbo RS500 Cosworth Sierra
Tickford Triumph Stag Vauxhall Calibra Tickford Granada
Ford Sierra XR4i Ford Focus RS MGB
Mercedes Stretch Limousines Vauxhall Cavalier Calibre Lancia Hi-Fi

and of course....................The Tickford Capri      


The Club was originally known as the Tickford Register and was established back in
1998 with initially just a handful of twenty three members.
The Register was started by a Tickford Capri owner called Michael (Mick) Millward
and he continued to run it until 2000.
Mick sadly passed away in 2003.
Please click on the thumbnails below to read the Register's early magazines


The first issue in 1998 ran to just two pages
By the end of 1998, the magazine had grown to six pages, although
page 2 has not been scanned here as it was a membership list


Under new leadership by Mark Richardson (Build 099), the Register subsequently became
known as the Tickford Owners Club and membership reached 125 worldwide.


The first magazine produced by Mark Richardson in 2000, prior to the change of name to the
Tickford Owners Club, ran to ten pages including the membership list
By now, the magazine was in colour and covered the whole range of different
conversions carried out by Tickford


Since 2003, the Chairman has been Shaun Skinner and he has
worked tirelessly to make the Club the success it is today.
Shaun is the owner of Build 019 (an ex-Steve Saxty Capri) and also a
fully-restored Ford Racing Puma.
Shaun's Ford Racing Puma at the Haynes Rare Breeds Show 2015
Shaun has kindly given me permission to re-produce a selection of the Club's
Tickford Capri articles that relate directly to the story of Build 002 and the
contributors to the A400MOD website - you will find these on the
Road Tests and Reviews page.
Membership of the club is open to anyone that has an interest in Tickford.
I recommend joining the Club to take advantage of the superb quarterly magazine, regular
events, attendances at motoring shows and join the on-line forum to discuss anything
Tickford-related......and of course, to read all their many other Capri-related articles!




Click the logo below to visit the Club's website:


Brian Hollins has made me aware of an interesting piece of history,
in that around the time the Tickford Register was originally being
formed, another Tickford Capri owner called Mick Podmore was
also trying to create "The Tickford Capri Owners Register".
This alternative register never officially came into existence.




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