The Great Turbo Conspiracy!


While I was exhibiting 002 at the Yeovil Festival of Transport in 1991, I was approached by a
gentleman who said he thought that he had taken a photograph of my car when he
worked for a local newspaper in Barnstaple.
The photo below arrived in the post a week later.
After 002 was delivered to his first owner who was Martin Wild from Barnstaple,
Tickford took the opportunity for a publicity shoot together with
005 (A412MHK) at RAF Chivenor Airfield.


002 and 005 on the runway at Chivenor Airfield - early 1984


I then found out a bit more regarding the story.
I was contacted by a visitor to the web site who recognised the photo.
His mother was the first owner's secretary.
The publicity day was quite an event, organised between Taw Garages who were the
local Ford dealership and the North Devon Motor Club.
The proceedings were covered by the North Devon Journal.
 At one point, 005 had a race down the runway against an RAF Hawk jet and won!
The Chairman of the Tickford Owners Club, Shaun Skinner, un-earthed some photographic

proofs from the event that were given to him by a previous owner of A412MHK.


The driver was Malcolm Knight, a salesman from Taw Garages
The officer in uniform was Group Capt. Jeremy Saye, Chivenor Commander at the time


And finally.......after 20 years of searching.......I have managed to track down
the original full report that was hiding in an old Capri Club International

magazine from 1984.



Now the performance figures always quoted for a Tickford Capri are a maximum speed
of 140mph with a 0-60mph time of 6.7 seconds.
You will notice in the article above that they are claiming 5.5 seconds to reach 60mph and
that the car was just about to go past 143mph when it ran out of runway!
You will also notice that they actually used 005 for the trial, which was a factory-owned
car at that time, where 002 was already sold.
Martin Wild's car 002 didn't take part in the actual speed tests.  I wonder why?
The standard Tickford Capri had the wastegate on its turbo adjusted to allow
a maximum boost of 7.5psi.
 It is a well-known fact that on Tickford's ex-Motorshow demonstrator FMJ624Y,
the boost was frequently set to something nearer 10-12psi
 to impress potential customers.
 Detective Dening's guess is that the turbo on 005 had been wound-up a bit for the day!



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