VHK494S was a 3.0S Capri, registered on 20th January 1978 to the Ford press department
and believed to be the only Capri finished in Peppermint Green.
The car was used by Autocar Magazine as a long term test vehicle and driven by John Miles.
The car was returned to Ford in May 1979 and subsequently purchased by John Miles himself.
In addition to his work with Autocar, John ran a company called WM Developments and they
wanted the car to develop themselves as a more efficient alternative
to the Ford triple-carb Series X Capri.
During the early days of the Tickford Capri development work, VHK494S
became the test bed for the suspension as John Miles was partly

responsible for this aspect of the project.


VHK494S is still in existence and has recently been completely restored
Apparently, the car still has its Bilstein front struts and the locating arms / alloy diff cover on the axle


The connection between John Miles, VHK494S and the Tickford Capri has been
 nicely summarised in an article written by Steve Saxty a while ago
 for the Tickford Owners Club and it is reproduced below.
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John Miles wrote a series of three articles for Cars and Car Conversion Magazine
documenting his research into suspension, engine and aerodynamics,
together with a road test of the prototype car FMJ624Y.


Cars & Car Conversions - August 1983
Chassis Engineering
Cars & Car Conversions - September 1983


Cars & Car Conversions - October 1983
Tickford Ford Capri 2.8T
Cars & Car Conversions - November 1983
This article makes reference to the extra rubber strip that Tickford
fitted around the top of the door to reduce wind noise



I am indebted to Steve Saxty for finding the following additional articles
that tell the story of VHK494S in even more detail.


What a Lucky Boy by Tony Howard
A Tale of Two Capris by Michael Scarlett
A Super Capri by John Bolster
Two and Six by Graham Jones
Low Profile Capri by John Miles
Excellent article about tyres written by the Man himself




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